Thomas V


My first century.

I unintentionally biked my first century, or 100 mile ride, today. The planned course for today was supposed to be 90 or so miles, but was listed as 85. It started slow, with rolling hills and the occasional real climber, all headed southward. After about 30 minutes, the soreness of last nights adventures set in(more on that later). We stopped and had pancakes and sausages in a little town, ate my gill, and headed off. It got much easier as we headed east, with a wind at our back. Then we meandered north, and found a light headwind upon us. Nothing terrible, just a little resistance to tired bodies. A sign came into view that said “free watermelon” with 4 great looking melons sitting below. I thought it was a terrible joke, because who in their right mind would try to carry that? A few seconds later the tent became visible, and I stopped the fastest I ever have for this watermelon haven. Inside the tent was a large table, with watermelon slices literally piled on. And it was all free, it was incredible.

Besides that, one women pulled out a trumpet and started playing William tell and some fight songs at a rest stop, and coming into a town, some bloke played some southful blues on a harmonica.
Then I got lost. Well, not lost, because its hard to lose your way on a giant bike ride, but separated from mi papa. Thought I was fine until I arrived at our destination, cedar rapids, without a map to our destination. Side note: passed a free beer stand, like literally you could just take one, no questions asked, awesome.

Anyways, rode around for about an hour, making my 90 mile ride a century. Finally found the British guy on our team, and followed him to our camp, where proceed to die from exhaustion. My necks out and I’ve lost some control in my left hand due to nerve pinching. RAGBRAI right ?
Speaking of which, we got evacuated to shelter last night due to severe thunderstorms. Liketornado looking clouds, huge wind gusts, and torrents of rain, brought together by the suppressed feeling of panic. It was scary, ill admit, but the real damage happened within the camp grounds. My tent, as well as a few others, were blown over, and drenched. My clothes escaped only a little wet, but my sleeping bag was soaked and so was my mat. Decided to fuck it and dried some sleeping bag and used my rain jacket as a blanket.
I now regret that decision immensially. It was cold, wet and miserable, and worst of all, self inflicted. Egos are a terrible thing.
Now im charging my phone, staying with past skunk members. Ill update as it comes in.